Next Thing

John 19:28 After this, Jesus knowing that all things were now accomplished, that the scripture might be fulfilled, saith, I thirst.

It is easy to say the right thing if you know with all certainty what comes next. Jesus knew what to say in the moment. I wished it were that easy for me.

There is a certain amount of anxiety that comes along with trying to walk in God’s will at a time when others need to hear a word from you. You love the Lord, you love them and you don’t want to disappoint.

Worry shouldn’t be a part of our personal ministry but we are human and subject to all emotions, like it or not. In those moments I can give no better advice than to be genuine. Avoid clichés. No reply is better than a rehearsed dialogue.

My thoughts on this devotional began yesterday when I said “Eve wasn’t in the picture yet.” So often we look to what we know without being “in the moment”. Listening and being connected to that person is more important than what you think you know. Sometimes the answer is found in listening. Sometimes listening is all that is needed.

I’ve never been comforted by someone who begins with; “When that happened to me…” It stops being amount me and it is all about them. That happened to me at my first wife’s funeral and it added bitterness to my grief.

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