Genesis 2:18 And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.

Please take a few minutes and explore how you feel about this verse. What does it mean to you? What was God’s intention? Why wasn’t it good for man to be alone?

I’ll wait for you to give that some thought. Take your time.

Please don’t tell me you are done already. I think this is important. Try again.

Did you think about Adam’s work? Did you think about the garden? Did you think of the time Adam got to spend with God alone? Did you think about the animals? Did you think about how you might feel if you were alone?

Now that I have said all that, let me say that any thoughts about Eve were personal anticipation. Eve wasn’t in the picture yet. Anything at this point that might be the results of finding Eve is off the topic list.

Sure God declare Adam’s need for a help mate but what that looked like and who that might be was not defined in the term help mate. All your thoughts that might be linked to your spouse, significant other, or any anticipated need requiring another, is not the point of the need. Alone is the topic of the need.

Alone has no one else to focus on. Alone is the center of self and the need is for something to replace selfishness. If all you have is you, then every thought is about your needs.

What I was not taught as a child is that preparation for relationship needs to get over being selfish. We are not ready to be a partner in any way to anyone for any reason if we have not dealt with being selfish.

Help mate is a shared experience. They are not there to serve you, do your work for you, nor be left alone to tend to those things you do not want to do for yourself.

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  1. You have shared some very good thoughts here. Adam had God, so in that sense he was not totally alone.
    But there was One who experienced true aloneness- “my God, my God, why have You forsaken me …”

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