Mother’s Milk

Isaiah 28:9 Whom shall he teach knowledge? and whom shall he make to understand doctrine? them that are weaned from the milk, and drawn from the breasts.

This week I shall endeavor to compare physical growth with spiritual growth. Jesus said we must be born again, first born of water and then of the spirit. There are scriptural references to growth which relates physical growth with spiritual growth. Let us see what we can discover here.

Mother’s milk is not meant to teach knowledge. While scripture does talk about the milk of the Word it does not imply what kind of milk in particular. It’s just milk. So I ask, does it matter? Is there a difference between mother’s milk and any other kind? If we are to compare the physical with the spiritual, let us begin here with Isaiah 28:9 where it implies that mother’s milk is not meant for knowledge.

What exactly does mother’s milk do physically? What does mother’s milk do spiritually?

The first thing I think of is availability. The first opportunity for physical growth come right from the mother. Mothers are with the child constantly and have the most influence. That bonding connection is made and the child gains the benefit without understanding. In the same way in the spirit, there is a bonding which the reborn enjoy and have without understanding.

Mother’s milk provides antibodies that protect the physical babe in ways the child can never comprehend, and happens with no effort on their part except to be nurtured. In that same manner those earliest spiritual words protect the reborn in ways we do not understand. It is God at work, protecting us in ways we are not aware.

I could add that a mother’s spiritual instruction while a child is in developmental stages before they come to an age of accountability are invaluable. That would not strictly meet the comparative we seek here since rebirth had not yet occurred.

Do you see anything else spiritual in mother’s milk? If so, please share.

4 thoughts on “Mother’s Milk”

  1. It is free – there is no cost. In most cases it is easily digestible – nothing to chew, just drink and enjoy.
    The newborn “instinctively ” desires, but must put forth the effort to suck to get it. So he does, then he benefits and grows.

  2. What an interesting topic. I enjoyed the message and the comments and am blessed by them. When I read the title, the phrase popped into my head…”thou shalt not seeth a kid in it’s mother’s milk” and I can’t get it out. So here’s what the Lord has given me.
    We have been blessed by a 7 message series on “ASHES” which has brought “sacrifice” to the forefront, so I’m going to build a bridge. I was raised on a farm and love animals, so I can bring in similarities.
    When the baby first comes into the world, the first sustenance it gets is “mother’s milk”. Larry, you beautifully brought before us the benefits of this milk and Fred, you noted that it cost the baby nothing. These are so true and precious.
    I am going to address why God has set up this route of maturity.
    Baby animals are raised, some for pets, but basically for sacrifice. Is this not true of humans as well? I think of the Scripture…”that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your spiritual act of worship.” Romans 12:1. Since God wishes the BEST from us, He is going to provide us with the BEST, right from the start, giving me everything needed to bring glory to Him.
    I realize this is going in a different direction, but just had to write it. I trust that “mother’s milk” will go on for a while.

  3. Not a different direction Ron. Your view expands this issue even further. It encompasses a purpose. While I was dealing with the issues of similarity, there is always more. 2nd Timothy says the Word is good, but I agree with you, best is more to the point. We endeavor to deliver a good word, but the Lord’s Word is pure.

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