Blame Game

Matthew 12:5 Or have ye not read in the law, how that on the sabbath days the priests in the temple profane the sabbath, and are blameless?

Years ago I attended a type of charismatic church. It was not labeled as one in title but in function they believed in moving in the giftings. Much of their interests were centered around God’s supernatural ability. As one who was new to the idea, I observed more than took an active role.

There was an activity which caught the eye of the charismatics which was prominent in the state of Florida. It was reported that God was moving in a supernatural way in many non-denominational churches. Videos and articles began to be circulated and other churches tried to recreate the events of the Florida revivals of the Holy Spirit movement. Nearly all failed.

“Its wildfire, not of God, the devil’s deception.” Cried out the leaders of churches where the recreation efforts failed. For this novice charismatic, it became a little confusing. On the one side a claim of the Holy Spirit moving in power which was desired and on the other a claim of fakery and deception. What was I to believe? I did the only think that made sense at the moment for me and didn’t listen to either side of the argument.

As I grew in Christ I have come to believe that a strong wish that God would use me in certain ways does not mean that I understand God’s will. It is possible that God was working miracles in Florida. It is also possible that it was wildfire. But it is even more likely that certain people see notoriety and fame in a movement and want in on the actions without faith being involved.

Obedience of faith begins with God calling for us to be obedient in His will. What others do in obedience of faith or in vain imaginations is not for me to judge or participate. His will for me will come from my relationship with Him and not by what others do.

Matthew 12:6-7 But I say unto you, That in this place is one greater than the temple. But if ye had known what this meaneth, I will have mercy, and not sacrifice, ye would not have condemned the guiltless.

2 thoughts on “Blame Game”

  1. You have clearly stated something of great importance: “Obedience of faith begins with God calling for us to be obedient in his will.”
    There was just one burning bush.
    How God moves in one circumstance does not determine how He will move in another.
    May our relationship with Him be fresh! Thanks, Lar

    1. Fred, we call our first encounter with God our “burning bush moment” even though it is not a burning bush. I thank God that He knows how best to reveal Himself to us. Thank you Lord.

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