Day 7 of the Questions for Mark study and here is the question.

“What characterizes each of the four responses to Jesus’ words?”

My answer is faith. I know that isn’t what anyone expected to hear and I understand why. Nothing in Mark’s version nor Matthew 13’s telling says anything about faith, but there it is as the root of the problem.

Mark 4:11 And he said unto them, Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God: but unto them that are without, all these things are done in parables:

If you are in Christ the mysteries of the Kingdom are known. You still have these parables but do you see them as they apply to you or only to the lost? What would this parable look like if all four scenarios were applied to your present day bible study?

The Word fell by the wayside. Wouldn’t that look like that bible sitting on your coffee table that never gets opened? It isn’t making any difference in your life unopened and Satan continues to peck away at you without the Word to help you.

The Word falling on stony ground would look like a man (or woman) whose heart is hardened by unforgiveness. Isaiah 1:13a Bring no more vain oblations;

The Word falling on thorns might look like those of us who only turn to the word when trouble comes and we have nowhere else to turn.

The word falling on good ground is where we pick up the word for the sake of the relationship, that we love His word, we crave it “as the roe panteth”.

We all have faith but how do we use it appropriately? Can you see the root being foundational and necessary for life and growth?

Or does your faith sit on the coffee table alongside your bible unused?

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