1 Corinthians 13:7b love believes all things

I really did not understand this verse until I had children of my own. Agape love does not believe a lie. Agape love believes there is a reason for the lie.

My girls would be fighting and I would go in to break it up and listen to each side of the story. Naturally they each had a defensive posture for the event. I found myself believing both of them. Not the words they spoke but the emotions they felt. There is always an underlying truth for each which isn’t always articulated in those moments.

Who did what is not nearly as important as why things got to this point of estrangement. Each had a guilty part in allowing things to get to the breaking point and no amount of judgment is going to heal that break.

Agape love believes both in a way that can heal wounds. Judgment will please one and alienate the other but the goal is reconciliation. They can only reconcile with each other if they both reconcile themselves to God. Both, not just one.

As a father I can only point out the truth. I cannot make them believe it. God loves in much the same way, speaking truth in love and allowing love to do its work. I will admit as a father it is a slow and frustrating thing to see how long it takes sometimes for that to sink in. I believe it will.

Looking beyond the surface helps me in all the areas of my life, especially within myself.

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  1. Motives. You are right. I have often thought the worst about someone before know the “why” behind their action.
    Give the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.

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